Power Train

Inspection of Cast and Forged Parts

The ATOS optical surface measuring system is widely used by auto makers and their suppliers to analyze the shape and dimensions of cast and forged parts.

The ATOS 3D digitizer allows full-field measurement of models & patterns, dies & molds, first articles as well as cast and forged parts.

The fast surface fringe pattern projection system can be combined with a handheld touch probe in order to inspect hidden surfaces. Both data acquisition and data evaluation can be automated for the quality assurance process flanking production.

Analysis of Motion Behavior

Reducing noise and vibration is a major requirement in modern car design.

PONTOS, GOM's fast, non-contact 3D deformation measuring system, examines the mechanical deviation of parts in motion (e.g. at engine start-up). Simple part preparation and integration in all test environments enable complex motion analysis and 3D online result evaluation

Unwanted dynamic component behavior can be pinpointed and eliminated quickly.