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The perfect combination for simple automated inspections tasks

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Easy Robot Programming in the Virtual Measuring Room

ATOS Sensor Technology

One Measuring System, Two Sensor Variants


Field of Application

The perfect combination for simple automated inspections tasks

GOM ScanCobot is a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, a motorized rotation table and powerful software. In a short measuring time, the optical ATOS 3D scanner captures quality information at a high level of detail, providing a reliable basis for easy interpretation. To measure a part completely, the sensor must face the part from different directions. The GOM ScanCobot uses a collaborative robot to perform this normally manual work process. Combined with the motorized rotation table, the robot can move along the sensor positions very quickly one by one. Efficient scanning and subsequent automatic inspection speed up quality control processes.

The ATOS Q sensor combined with the GOM ScanCobot accelerates all processes in quality control of small and medium-sized parts. Measurement planning, digitizing and inspection take place in the virtual measuring room (VMR) of the powerful software GOM Inspect Suite

In shop floor metrology, it is important to identify, analyze and eliminate quality problems as fast as possible. The mobile measuring station GOM ScanCobot enables a fast and efficient 3D inspection of different parts and thus efficiently supports the product development process.

Easy Robot Programming in the Virtual Measuring Room

GOM ScanCobot is programmed in the virtual measuring room (VMR) of the GOM Inspect Suite. The VMR is the central control and measurement planning software that represents the complete measuring procedure. In the software, the CAD data set of the part to be inspected is imported together with the associated measurement plan. The necessary sensor positions and robot paths are computed fully automatically at the push of a button. Automatic teaching allows the user to work with the system without the need for specific robot programming skills. If the Kiosk Interface is activated, parts can be measured quickly using existing project templates, without the need for adjustments. As the user can no longer change measuring programs and evaluations, process reliability is enhanced. With the GOM ScanCobot, measuring and inspection tasks can be easily delegated from the measuring room to production.

One Measuring System, Two Sensor Variants


ATOS sensors have established themselves as optical 3D measuring systems. Their success is based on precise optoelectronics, robust sensor design and powerful software. ATOS Q takes this success story further: The sensor perfects the triad of design, technology and performance. Read more

Fields of Application

Thanks to a scalable measuring area, integrated scanning and tracking functionality, the optical 3D scanner adapts ideally to the challenges of the respective measuring task.

User-friendly entry-level solution

The Automation department at GOM is headed by Dr. Carsten Reich. During the interview, he characterizes the GOM ScanCobot as an easy-to-use entry-level solution for automated optical 3D metrology, giving the metrologist more time for data evaluation and problem analysis.

High-precision measurement of various parts

The GOM ScanCobot is especially suited for efficient quality control of small and medium-sized parts made of plastic, metal or cast iron. The system can be used during the preproduction phase such as design and prototyping and during the market launch.

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