About us

About us

Powerful vision can bring sweeping changes. They improve life, make it superior and more challenging. Such a vision was born in the year 1999. A vision to bring the latest cutting edge technology to India. The Indian Scanning, Measuring and Product development Industry was in line for a major technological revolution. With this vision, under the leadership of Mr. Anil Gupta, . an expert with more than two decades of rich experience in the field of Metrology, CAD and Reverse Engineering APM Technologies was born.

Back in 99, our company started with two divisions: Product Sales Division & Services Division with primary focus on 'OPTICAL BLUE LIGHT SCANNING' from the world leaders: GOM GmbH Germany with a aim to bring this technology's unique inherent capability to scan most varied parts in terms of complexity, size, materials and /or applications within the reach of Indian Industry.

Our team at APM offers you solutions in the field of Scanning and Deformation measurements. The extremely sophisticated ATOS Scanning system and TRITOP Photogrammetry systems offer scanning solution for a wide variety of components, while the cutting edge ARAMIS, ARGUS and PONTOS address to different deformation needs.

For companies that need the proof of concept and for those whose present needs are small to warrant an in-house system, we have hi-tech facilities to scan varied components from a very wide range – it could be as small as a lever or a complete aircraft and numerous parts in between for example, full size four wheelers and two wheelers. With our in-house installed ATOS system from Gom Germany, we offer services for scanning at our own facility as well at the site, in case of large, heavy or sensitive parts.

In addition to Scanning, we offer services for Surface Modeling, Class A Surfacing, Solid Modeling, Scan based inspection and Quality Control in order to offer you a completely reverse engineered part and help you with your product development process. Our team of engineers have rich experience in the field of Surfacing on point cloud we have in-house workstations with Pro-E wild fire and Unigraphics for modeling work.

As a team of people driven to push the boundaries of technology as known to the Indian soil, we are proud to have among so many others, the stalwarts of Indian Industry like Ashok Leyland, DC Designs, Eicher, Enfield, Escorts, Honda Motors, International Tractors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Udyog Limited, Tata Motors , TVS Motors as companies who have trusted our vision and our unique technological solutions.