Experience the Power of 3D Scanning

"ATOS for Education" is a complete package for theoretical and practical teaching at schools, higher education institutes and universities. The educational package from GOM includes industrial hardware and software for 3D scanning and inspection as well as ready-to-use laboratory experiments and lecture material with detailed background information. In addition, GOM offers a powerful inspection software for students, practical training for instructors and expert support from experienced engineers.

Professional Hardware

Stereo camera

GOM for Education offers a set-up that meets industry standards: The 3D scanner GOM Scan 1 with a desk stand, an image processing computer and sensor driver.

Inspection Software – GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect: State-of-the-art inspection software for complete mesh processing, 3D inspection and reporting. Software users have access to manuals and video tutorials that explain the software step-by-step.

Lab Experiments and Lecture Material

Introduction to 3D scanning and 3D inspection with fully elaborated laboratory tests for experiments, including the measuring object. In addition to laboratory experiments, the package provides accompanying lecture material with background information.

Reverse Engineering Software

GOM for Education includes ZEISS Reverse Engineering: a software solution that makes reverse engineering much easier. It just takes a few well guided steps to achieve a high-precision CAD model that can be exported to standard CAD formats. Generate your CAD model with ZEISS Reverse Engineering.

3D Scanning for 3D Inspection

The entire inspection workflow is demonstrated in the 3D inspection module, covering alignment strategies, nominal/actual comparison, GD&T, inspection sections, measuring reports and export.