Casting Foundry


Measuring systems from GOM are used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes to guarantee consistent quality assurance: from simulation verification, via accelerating tool try-out and first article inspection, up to production control and CNC machining.

GOM systems allow for inspection planning based on design data. In pattern and mold making, the targeted correction of tools and models and the inspection of fitting of mold halves, cores and sliders are possible. During try-out, cast parts are checked for shape and dimension: part geometry, material thickness, shrinkage and warpage. All measuring and inspection processes are automated for production quality control.

Quality Control in Casting and Foundry Processes

  • Design / CAD
  • Simulation / Verification
  • Toolmaking
  • Pattern Making
  • Mold Making / Core Making
  • First Article Inspection / Series Inspection
  • CNC Machining / Optical Marking
  • Models and Pattern Plates

  • Full-field shape and dimension inspection
  • Compensation of warpage and shrinkage
  • Verification of milling results
  • Change management and maintenance
  • Tools, Cores and Molds

  • Targeted tool correction
  • Assembly analysis
  • Fitting of mold halves, core allowance and sliders
  • Wear analysis
  • Cast Parts

  • First article inspection and production quality assurance
  • Shrinkage, warpage and allowance control
  • Material thickness analysis
  • Optimized CNC machining
  • Inspection of hole patterns & boundaries
  • Series measurement & trend analysis
  • Surface defect visualization