Figure 4 Production

Figure 4 Production

Figure 4' Production Customizable, fully-integrated solution for direct 3D production of 1 million+ parts per year

Figure 4 Production is the industry's first scalable, fully integrated additive manufacturing solution with ultra-fast speed enabling throughput improvement up to 15 times over other 3D printing systems and up to 20 percent lower parts cost compared to traditionally manufactured parts and operations*. Features like automated printing and material delivery streamline operations and lower total ownership costs.

FIGURE 4 Production

Leading throughput

Recent data highlights Figure 4 Production part print speeds up to 65 mm/hour, and prototyping speeds of up to 100 mm/hour. The combination of print automation and light-based UV curing transforms parts production, yielding the world's fastest additive manufacturing throughput, with time-to-part in minutes. In contrast, heat-based curing specialty systems require hours of post-processing in order to achieve a desired part characteristic.


Figure 4 Production is a customized, integrated digital manufacturing solution with an end-to-end digital printing workflow supported by 3D Systems software. Figure 4 Production features up to 15 times faster print speeds than other 3D printing technologies* and automated material handling. The combination of automation and part accuracy offers Six Sigma production printing repeatability across all materials.


Figure 4 Production's scalability and customized configurations enable capacity to meet your present and future needs for unprecedented manufacturing agility. The discrete cells can be placed into automated assembly lines and integrated with secondary processes, including washing, drying and curing.

Wide Range of Materials for Application Diversity

Rigid Material

Figure 4 rigid materials produce durable plastic parts with the look and feel of cast urethane or injection molded parts, with features that include fast print speeds, higl elongation, exceptional impact strength, humidity/moisture resistance, long-term environmental stability and more.

Elastomeric Materials

Figure 4 elastomeric materials are ideal for the production of functional rubber-like parts with excellent shape recovery, high tear strength, great for compressive applications and material malleability

High Temperature Material

With heat deflection temperatures up to over 300°C with no additional thermal post-cure required, Figure 4 heat resistant material offers high rigidity and exceptional stability under extreme conditions. .

Speciality Material

Figure 4 Production is compatible with 3D Systems' entire portfolio of NextDent materials to facilitate full customization of dental devices. You can also choose from Figure 4 specialty materials for sacrificial tooling, jewelry casting, medical applications requiring biocompatibity and/ or sterilization, and more.


3D Sprint

End-to-end software solution for Figure 4 workflows

Figure 4 solutions use 3D Sprint, 3D Systems' advanced software for file preparation, editing, printing and management from a single, intuitive interface. 3D Sprint enables the customer to significantly decrease cost of ownership of their 3D printers by reducing the need for costly software seats by third party vendors. 3D Sprint automatically generates exceptionally efficient supports requiring far less material, which can lead to significant savings

3D Connect

A new level of management in 3D production

3D Connect Service provides a secure cloud-based connection to 3D Systems service teams for proactive and preventative support to enable better service, improve uptime and deliver production assurance for your system.

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