GOM Inspect Software

Simply making quality visible

Use GOM Inspect Suite for simple or complex inspection tasks for your entire inspection process - from capturing the part to be inspected, mesh processing, CAD import, required form and position calculations to trend analyses, digital assembly or proprietary inspection.

Data Import

Polygon Meshes from Point Clouds

3D Mesh Processing

CT Import

CAD Import

Full-Field Analysis


GD&T Analysis


Nominal-Actual Comparison

Application-Specific Analyses

Point-Based Inspection

Curve-Based Inspection

Motion and Deformation Analysis

Airfoil Inspection

Inspection of Surface Defects

Visual Programming

Parametric Inspection

Teaching by Doing

Trend, SPC and Deformation Analysis


Kiosk Interface

Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)

What does GOM Inspect offer?

Data Import

Measuring data – independent of the system CAD data

Mesh Processing

From point clouds to polygon meshes Suitable for reverse engineering and 3D printing

Inspection and Evaluation

Points, surfaces and curves according to standard requirements

Industry-specific Analysis Tools

e.g. for sheet metals, cast parts, plastics and airfoil inspection

Reporting Functions

For all common process and data standards Export as PDF

Digital Assembly

Blade Inspection

Virtual Clamping

Next Steps in Automotive Car Body Inspection

Smart Inspection