Efficient quality control for turbine blade manufacturing

Manufacturers and suppliers use optical measurement technology to accelerate production start-up time long before first sample testing actually takes place. What's more, GOM systems provide a full range of control functions during the production process.

  • Inspection of ceramic cores
  • Inspection of wax models
  • Analysis of shrinkage and warp
  • Optimization of injection molds/processes
  • Control of cooling tunnel systems (EMP)
  • Shape and dimension analysis of cast and forged component
  • Housings & Components

    GOM systems can be used to measure anything from very small turbine blades up to turbine housings and large aggregates, as well as voluminous components for digital mock-ups. Air inlet rings and combustion chambers for assembly control are also easily measured (ATOS 3D Digitizer, TRITOP).

    Dynamic Deformation Measurement

    Dynamic deformation measurement visualizes the behavior of aerodynamic structures in real use. During running operations, for example, vibration, acceleration, deformation and imbalance can be analyzed (PONTOS Dynamic 3D Analysis).

    Repair & Maintenance

    Maintenance and repairs are enormous cost factors throughout the entire product cycle.

    In addition to wear and tear analyses, GOM optical measurement technology supports the planning and control of repair jobs (ATOS 3D Digitizer).

  • Digital coordinate measurement of damaged/prepared surfaces
  • Verification of material deposition
  • Inspection of repair work